Helping Scotland's Children

At Chance to Succeed, we have a vision in which no child is held back by the circumstances they were born into. A vision in which every young person in Scotland can achieve their academic or professional goals. Together, we can help.

Using the funds generated by our participation in the Scottish Children’s Lottery scheme, we strive to alleviate the impact of child poverty and make steps toward securing brighter futures.

Give a child a chance

We’re delighted to have launched with the Scottish Children’s Lottery, a national initiative that generates funding for us, and the good causes, that we and other charities in the scheme all support.

There’s up to £25,000 to be won every Monday and Thursday, and for every ticket bought, the nominated charity receives a guaranteed 20p.

It’s so simple and it really does make a difference to young lives across Scotland. Click here to read more about the Scottish Children’s Lottery.